Cadet Staff

Cadet staff applications will open on 18 FEB 2018.  Cadet Commander and Deputy Commander applications close on 11 MAR 2018.  The remaining staff positions close on 25 MAR 2018.
Executive Staff

Cadet Commander: 
Evelyn Fujinaka
Cadet Deputy Commander:  Avery Hammerman

Line Staff 
Squadron Commander:  Tim Cuglievan

Squadron First Sergeant:  Rachael Reed
"A" Flight Commander:  Tyler Hallenberger
"A" Flight Sergeant:  Levi Reed

"B" Flight Commander:  Tatyanna Sparks
"B" Flight Sergeant:  Edmond Tizzano

"C" Flight Commander:  Avery Somma
"C" Flight Sergeant:  Gaby Evertsz

"D" Flight Commander:  Christopher Balke
"D" Flight Sergeant:  Caleb Bishop
Support Staff 

Cadet Public Affairs OIC:  Genna Sobottke

    Cadet Public Affairs NCO:  Wesley Haven
Cadet Medical/Safety OIC

    Cadet Medical/Safety NCO
Cadet DFAC OIC:  Cody Hallenberger

Cadet DFAC: Lela Teeters
    Cadet DFAC: Zachary Tizzano
    Cadet DFAC: Cody Jamieson
Base Operations Traffic Controller NCOIC: Elise Ferreria


2018 AFI Cadet Staff Applications