FLM Requirements

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Flight Line Marshaller Pre-Requisites: No of Required Tasks: 1

GES- General Emergency Services (Pre-requisite for attending FLM Training)

Commander Approval for Pre-Requisites: No. of Required Tasks: 1

FLM- Commander Approval for Pre-Requisites (NOTE: You want to go into E-Services and enter a date into the SQTR and it will send your Unit Commander a request to approve. Follow up with your Unit Commander to approve)

Flight Line Marshaller - Familiarization and Preparatory Training - No. of Required Tasks (5) (Covered in Class)

Complete Task O-3001 - Discuss Flightline Marshallers Responsibilities

Complete Task O-3002 - State the Five Flight Line Safety Precautions

Complete Task O-3003 - Identify Requirements for Vehicles on the Flightline

Complete Task O-3004 - Discuss Flight Line Safety

Complete Task O-3005 - Discuss Flight Line Hazards

Commander Approval for Familiarization and Preparatory Training - No of Required Tasks (1) (Same as the other Approval above)

FLM - Commander Approval for Familiarization and Preparatory Training

Flight Line Marshaller - Advanced Training - No. of Required Tasks: 15

Flight Line Marshaller - Exercise Participation - No. of Required Tasks: 2

Exercise Participation-Flight Line Marshaller (This can be the hands on practice with aircraft)

Exercise Participation-Flight Line Marshaller #2 (Can be training or air show with hands on marshaling with a Supervisor)

Flight Line Marshaller - Continuing Education Examination - No. of Required Tasks: 1

CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education Exam - Part 2 (On-Line Exam)