The CAP Safety Policy is to minimize the risks faced by our membership in the performance of their volunteer duties.

What are the 5 precautions on the flight line?

  • Always ________ before you walk

NEVER walk ____________!

Wear a Safety _________.

  • SECURE ____________ and do not carry loose items.

LISTEN for aircraft and "______ _______" warnings

And Always Always Always wherever you are on or off duty...

Keep Your Head On A Swivel!

No Horseplaying

Watch out for Spinning Propellers- Treat every propeller as if it were" _______"

Be on the lookout for FOD (trash, rocks, nuts, screws, bolts, holes...)

Watch out for Team Members (watch for symptoms of dehydration- fatique, nausea, dizziness, performance)

What equipment is needed on the flight line?

Uniform (BDUs) Headgear (BDU Cover- secured with elastic strap and safety pins) Ear Plugs

Sun Protection (sunscreen including for lips) Eye Protection Water (2.0 liter Camelbacks or canteens)

(Whistle- for emergency use only) High Visibility Vests